Untitled (A Color Field Interpretation of a Metaphysical Portrait (Part 1)):

Mixed Media Artworks by David Rapoport, a.k.a. Raportsky: 2014-6.

The perception: and relating to human subjects, as light. It can also be about some kind of mental perception, lightness, sensibility, or energy in motion. I believe that photography sees differently than we do, and this is the fascination of it for me. We begin to notice a difference: in the camera eye, and how we would visualize the subject, if we were actually there. This reality shift is the METAPHYSICS: contained in these portraits. Original (finished) artworks: on paper: each one is 8x10, 20.25x16.25, or 20.25x30.25 inches in size. Special thanks to GuruDev (JGD), Robert, Peter H., Peter, Arne, Silvio, Elinor, Julie, Paul, NYU, SVA, and Art Students League. © 2015 by David Rapoport. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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9 / 74
2015. The Space Above, Version 2. 8x10 in. Mixed Media