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This is true about photography, art, music and video: mankind has achieved almost everything the mediums and genres can provide.

Where are all fine art, art forms, and: art genres going? Is what we see: the repetition of the same, or similar information?

What are our intentions, when we create? Are they leading us to a better place? I know that: the next universe is quite accessible, with a direct connection to that source.



I create artworks in order to share some ultimate (perceived) reality, to please others with images, and imagination.

In addition, I aspire to inspire (in process), specifically, as each and every discovery is realized.

I seek to reach a broader audience: 1) people who are more brand conscious, and: 2) those who are more technically-minded. My works are non-branded, non-commercial, and are of undefined genres.

I hope that my new audience will accept the difference. I am determined that this creative, (perhaps) spiritual, practice (of infinite possibilities), will work: with extremely profound, positive, and significant results.

Knowledge and public service: I offer people the possibility for a better quality of life. I am very thankful for this vocation.

Yours truly (JGD),

David Rapoport (a.k.a. RAPORTSKY).


10:15. Untitled (A Color Field Interpretation of a Metaphysical Portrait (Part 1)): Version 2 (4k version is also available).

HTML5 Picture Gallery: 3_COLLECTIONS:
(Photo Mixed Media: Portraits, Landscapes, Abstract):

The perception: and relating to human subjects, as light.

It can also be about some kind of mental perception, lightness, sensibility, or energy in motion. I believe that photography sees differently than we do, and this is the fascination of it for me. One begins to notice a difference: in the camera eye, and how he or she would visualize the subject, if that person was actually there.

This reality shift is the METAPHYSICS: contained in these portraits.

Can art take on no specific form, but somehow communicate the artist's intention?

Original (finished) artworks: on paper: each one is 8x10, 20.25x16.25, or 20.25x30.25 inches in size.

Special thanks to GuruDev (JGD), Robert, Peter H., Peter, Arne, Charlelie, Paul, NYU, SVA, and Art Students League.

© 2015 (4k - 2017) by David Rapoport. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

NEW YORK as THEME PARK: from David Rapoport on Vimeo.

03:45. NEW YORK as THEME PARK (4k resolution is also available):

This is New York, the way you always wanted it to be. This series happened as a result of some unexpected, dissipation of energy, on paper.

It started as 35mm still film images.

The beginning stages were embellished, with art materials. Somehow, I envisioned what the results would be before the works were completed, specifically: while I was in the process of constructing them.

This interpretation of the urban landscape was created to make others feel more alive, using my personal mind associations of my feelings about being here.

Space, and place. Childhood memories of theme parks (ie.: Disney World, Man and His World, and various Amusement Parks).

Original (finished) artworks: on paper: each one is 20.25x16.25 inches in size.

Special thanks to GuruDev (JGD), Robert, Peter H., Peter, Arne, Charlelie, SVA, and Art Students League.

© 2015 by David Rapoport. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

EXPERIENCE (of the Image): from David Rapoport on Vimeo.

05:48. EXPERIENCE of the IMAGE video (4k version is also available), and

HTML5 Picture Gallery: EXPERIENCE (of the Image):
Medium Format, Film Photography:

This work is about my personal narrative and self-expression. This (documentary) portrait photo presentation reveals:

1) Place: These photographs are specific to location: New York City: a) West Village, b) Greenwich Village, c) Chelsea, and: d) Soho, and:

2) The time period: 1987-1999:

3) My search for (other): authority fugures, ie.: mother, father, and teachers:

4) Freedom of expression: with creativity, love, and:

5) Stating: how it can be: by showing how it was.

Special thanks to GuruDev (JGD), Robert, Paul, Charles, Liliana, SVA, and NYU.

© 2013 by David Rapoport. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

(When I Look) i_Consume: from David Rapoport on Vimeo.

05:34. (When I Look) i_Consume:

Please take these pictures for their face value: or for what they are worth:

1) What people consume (we all must do this):

2) Photographs of people who are selling, consuming (or in the act of consumption):

3) The story of shopping in the urban center (and consuming all of the treasures):

4) Odd, conventional, fantastic (and bigger than life):

5) What is sold everywhere (or in your favorite store):

6) What I am consuming: the pictures of people who are consuming:

7) This is a documentary series: the photos were taken out in the field: (NYC, 2003-2008):

8) i_Consume was one of my Grad School projects, and:

9) It might have been my long search for the perfect man-made object.

10) I wanted to get the most out of my life, although that in the back of my mind, I knew that there was something more: beyond the busy market place.

Special thanks to: GuruDev (JGD), Robert, Charles, Elinor, Paul, Bruce, Shelly, Jacqueline, NYU, and SVA.

© 2008 by David Rapoport. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

SMALL TOWN PROJECT: from David Rapoport on Vimeo.

SMALL TOWN PROJECT: Work in Progress:

2 Photo-essays by David Rapoport:


VIDEO 01) 09:42. THIS PLACE (Small Town Project): (available in 4k resolution): Fine Art Photography:

David created these video photo-essays about (the concept of) quality of life in chosen places.

He explores why this idea is significant for him:

The lifestyles of people offer us a glimpse into something potentially unknown to us, with tremendous value for society, and humankind.

His realizations were made through stream of consciousness, intuition, and conscious awareness. He offers this creative knowledge (of the experience) to the viewer, without attention to the most obvious things.

This video is about a specific place in: a borough of New York City. This work is of: Fine Art Street Photography (2014-6), commentary, and original music (by David Rapoport).

This presentation is about the artist, (his interaction with) people, and the surrounding environment.

David wishes to make more moving-picture films about places: hence the name: Small Town Project.

© 2016 by David Rapoport. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.



2017_10_02. Queens, NY.

The light looks extremely beautiful in this part of town.

Is the right thing something that is not so (easily) visible or obvious?

The key to a person's complete: inner happiness and freedom is: total surrender.

There is something more than: what is obviously visible.

Where one wants to be.

© 2017 by David Rapoport. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

1) PORTRAIT CLASS (HTML Picture Gallery):
This is one school of portraiture: where a
student is trained to photograph others, in
practice: by exploring and looking at oneself:

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3) GURUDAVE.org:
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4) kg2ry.com (Ham Radio):
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