I hope that you are having a fantastic day!

I want to share: a few thoughts with you:

Collected knowledge:

1) Smaller moves, done in the right ways: are extremely effective.

2) The best kind of deal or arrangement happens when everyone involved wins something useful out of it.

3) You can get what you want, only when you know what it is. Otherwise, some idiot will come along and tell you what you must like.

4) People need to do what they want as long as they do NOT: 1) bother others, and 2) try to take over.

Thank you for your interest and consideration.


JGD. ---dr.

Photo: 0005_mixed_media_photo_is_art: 2016.
MY PORTRAITS: Mixed-Media and Photography.

I got tired of photography as it was, so I wanted to do some other things. I used many mediums and materials: mostly analog.

Then, I used my computer: printer, and supplies: essentially digital. I experimented with just about everything: art materials, photography, and computer technologies. These are the people I know, or met in passing.

The photo is the experience, and the artwork design is the impression. I seek the bigger truth in what I see and capture.

Going beyond all of this: the darkness and the light: meditation: discovering some bigger mind: I started with my imagination.

What is this all about for you?

Speclal thanks to GuruDev, Robert, Peter, and Arne.

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