A Few Words About Collected Knowledge:

1) Smaller moves / waves, done in the right ways: are extremely effective.

2) The best kind of deal or arrangement happens: when everyone involved wins something useful out of it.

3) You can get what you want: but only when you know what it is. Otherwise, some idiot will come along and tell you what you must like: the mediocrity, and unhappiness.

4) People need to do what they want as long as they do NOT: 1) bother others, and 2) try to take over.

Thank you for your interest and consideration.

JGD. ---dr.

(Photo: 2014. Woman in Car, Version #4. Mixed Media).

Photography and Art (2014-2016):

I communicate, look, and relate to people, as light.

Photography is 99% fantasy.

It is like a magic trick: it is mostly about what you do not see, or what is hidden from view: and this is the grand illusion of it. It can also be about cosmic energy, the spirit, or energy in motion.

I believe that photography sees differently than we do, and this is the fascination of it. I am tired of most photography because somehow, the pictures collectively say the same thing.

Photo History 101 was very repetitive. As a result, I experimented with other things. I wanted to see / create something else.

I utilized: art materials, surfaces, cameras, film products, processing, scans, photography, machinery, dyes, papers, and computer technologies, to make new images.

The resulting artworks / designs were the impressions that I collected. I was seeking some bigger truth in everything.

The places where I want to go: 1) intelligence (some other kind of), 2) heightened state of awareness, 3) clarity, 4) vision, 5) sensibility of things, 6) fascination for things, 7) acquired knowledge / wisdom, 8) positivity, 9) openness, and 10) sense of connectedness: my aspirations for all of these attributes are a major part of what I do.

Usually, you read the book, from cover to cover. You read all of the details in between, but you totally miss the whole point of it. Then you read again and again. Why bother: if the point of it is so obvious and easy enough to understand?

Special thanks to GuruDev, Robert, Peter H., Peter, Arne, Elinor, and Charles.

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